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Life Can Change Your Life by Life Can Change Your Life

Liane Chan

Took a few listens to really appreciate, I enjoyed the relaxing feel of the song and vocals and the flute solo near the beginning. The time lapse video also seems to go well with the uplifting sound of this song, very nature inspired and pleasant. The harmonies are also very nice, though the instrumental breaks also add a lot to the song.  Though the track is kind of long, it has a lot of variety in terms of instrumentation throughout that keeps it interesting. 

submitted media.

Parsing Suns by Paul R. Marcano

James Moore

Hi Paul, how are you? Thanks for taking the time to send your music my way. Here are my thoughts. 

The video is ok - . I like the effect you have going, especially with the large face imposed on the screen. For a stronger video, there probably shouldn't have been any mic in the shot and window (?) behind you, just the multiple you's, effected in different ways. Anyhow, the video is neither here nor there as I know the intention was to get feedback on the song.

So I quite liked the song actually. There was really a lot of the downtempo Pink Floyd intensity, and you get the feeling between that and the vocals that this is a serious artist, like Neil Young with Crazy Horse. I like the darkness of it; I could see really being hypnotized by it. The only things, for me, that keep that from happening is...I think you've brought the song to a point where it's quite good, and the next step would be to record it more professionally. The drums were a weakness here. Hiring a studio musician to play the drums would make a HUGE difference and bring more impact to your words.

Speaking of a final production I would hope for a well mixed main vocal with a nice booming Velvet Underground reverb. Also, a lot of parts of the song could have benefited from you (or someone else) doing some back up harmonies, whether with particular lines or words, or atmospheric 'ooohs' and 'aaahs'. There's a lot of things that would sound good. And of course, going with these elements, trippy guitar overdubs!

I think it works as a live performance, but yeah, I feel like it could really be honed and given a bigger treatment. Thanks again for sending!