Jamie Rowen

Jamie Rowen

Jamie Rowen

Stray Local
Stray Local is a folk celebration, an invitation to dance, a reminder of why the South is known for music that makes you feel at home. As comfortable with folk standards as with fresh material, Stray Local explores the joys of a timeless genre.  From house concerts to the big stage, their live shows can both captivate a listening audience and create the energy to dance.
Wilmington, NC

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Black Eyed Daisy by Stray Local

Tom Johnson

Thanks for the submission, there are some really nice elements here. I think I like it best in the more restrained moments. Not sure about the hand-claps/percussion, it feels a little bit distracting from the rest of the track which, the voice especially, is really beautiful. Going to keep an eye on the rest of your work for sure. I was going to say that playing these songs live when and where you can would be the best path for you and you already have a UK tour booked which, so good for you! Best of luck with it all. 

Kevin Hugger

This is so much more than a tune, this is a movement and one that those of us from far away have taken quite a shine to. There is a childlike wonder to proceedings, a slow reveal so we don't quite know what is coming down the tracks. But it is worth the wait, the wild eyed singing and heavy percussion unlike what has gone before. I'm sure this is just electric in a live context but even here on record it delights. Real music, real people, real happy.