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Søren Lund Korsgaard

I like the dreamy, melancholic vibe. The melody and the whole flow of the song also works well. However, I miss a more authentic sounding vocal without the effects/autotune thing going on. Also I would drop the tone modulation in the last part. 

submitted media.

How Many Lives by Mazo

Huia Hamon

Nice production on this track, eerie and surreal. I like the 'underwater' feel and the washy vibes on this as well. It suited the lyrics as well and I feel the artist has a strong idea of what they enjoy creating and also the execution of both the vocals and the musical elements are on point. Thanks for your submission!

As far as promotion goes, I suggest submitting it to as many indie/electronic forums as possible and ask for feedback and sharing on reddit as well. :)

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