Jóhanna Elísa Skúladóttir

Jóhanna Elísa Skúladóttir

Jóhanna Elísa Skúladóttir

Jóhanna Elísa
Jóhanna Elísa is a 22 year old Icelandic singer and songwriter. Her songs tend to have great stories behind them, for example her newest single, Adventurous Dream, was written on a tall ship and now she has filmed a music video to the song on board the same ship.  
Jóhanna's music can be described as a blend of pop rock and folk rock. She is a very independent artist. She writes all her music and lyrics herself and arranges them for her band and various instruments.
singing, songwriting, music performance, music composition
singer/songwriter, pop, folk rock, pop music

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Adventurous Dream by Jóhanna Elísa

Bree Noble

Great song We'd love to play this one. Please PM us with your info and we'll connect so we can get the mp3 and let you know when we can play the song.

SD Hox

A beautiful video honoring the coast of Cape Verde. I really like the piano interlude and guitar solo. Nicely done all around. Thanks for sharing and I will spread the word!