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Ready Again by Tony Tokyo X Sona X Yohan

Tim Medcraft

Hey Tony,

This has some good ideas but the arrangement is all over the place.

You have 4 bars of what I think is chorus, followed by 4 bars of a different vocal (that never reappears) but trying to be part of a chorus.  It then drops into 8 bars of a verse which repeats lyrics at least twice.  It the goes back in to the same 4 bars from bar 5 to bar 9 but this time it is used twice (the bars 9 - 13 have gone).

After these 8 bars (a second verse?) the track just then stops musically but has another new section lyrically where a chorus should be, and then it ends

This means you have parts in the wrong place and a track that it is less than 2 mins long.

You need to go back and put this into a verse chorus structure: verse, chorus, verse, chorus, middle 8, chorus, chorus, end.

You need to work out what your chorus is actually supposed to be

You need to sort out the transitions between the various parts as there is no signposting or flagging what is coming next.  The music stays on a level all the way through and it needs peaks and troughs; I know you do a breakdown part which is fine (which would be a middle 8) but that is in the wrong place and the rest of the tracks stays level.  

The little percussion and instrumental changes make all the difference.

I know you say it is coming out on Friday but I would strongly suggest looking at the above and maybe pulling the release until these bits are fixed.  Then you'll hopefully have more chance of pushing to radio, etc.

Trust that helps