Jake Elmendorf

Jake Elmendorf

Jake Elmendorf

Jake E
Self-taught musician, inspired by Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes, among others.  Bilingual in English and Spanish.  

Aspiring singer/performer.  Experience in musical theater, runway model, and participated in student films that made it to Delaware and NJ Film Festivals.
instrumental beats, fashion, film / video, soundtracks
Virginia, USA

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Brian Hazard

An important message at an important time! Hey, maybe that'll be my tweet.

Solid songwriting with a strong chorus, especially the soaring falsetto.

Production-wise, there's some room for improvement, with the exception of the strings. The piano and especially the drums sound unconvincing (the tone/samples, not the performance). The pitch correction on the vocals, especially in the first verse, stood out in a bad way to my ears.

Now that I scroll down and see the team behind it, I'm doubting my own ears, but my first impression was that piano and drums had that "General MIDI" programmed character to them. Granted, I'm not on studio monitors at the moment.

Hope this one does really well for you, and that I can get you a few well-deserved listens!


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