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Ben Andress

Ben Andress

Ontario, Canada

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hypnotic by TriTri

Naomi Manvell

Super chilled, love it. I could listen to this all day!

Alan Cross

Nice. In line with a lot of music that's coming out today, including length. Material in this genre is getting shorter and shorter, so a two-minute song isn't a bad idea.

Now that you've got the EP coming out, what's your social media strategy? You'll need to turn early fans into evangelists. But how? Instagram will be your friend, but you gotta get something up on TikTok. Get some buddies to do a 30-second video of them doing...something to your song. Post them, promote them, and pray that it takes off.

Read this:

You need to get some grassroots/organic traction outside the usual recording music industry lanes. The online route really needs to be studied. Good luck!

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