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Suzy Callahan
Suzy Callahan is an American singer who writes dark, dreamy modern folk songs and sings with a unique unfried, thick, creamy, dulce de leche voice. Her latest album Not Exactly Sad features only two musicians: herself and multi-instrumentalist husband Scott Tyburski. Eschewing click-tracks, auto-tune and perfect takes, they embraced the chemistry of kindred souls to create a more raw, natural and human sounding recording.

Mixed by Floyd Reitsma whose credits include Courtney Marie Andrews and Dave Mathews, Not Exactly Sad contains 9 acoustic guitar songs laced with decipher-it-yourself secret messages you can make at home. Her fall back is hope, but sometimes you have to sob your guts out first.

Suzy's songs have been featured on NPR, KCRW, and the TLC series Breaking Amish. Before embarking on a solo career she was the lead vocalist of Devils Wielding Scimitars, which was chosen by Spotify staff as the greatest band name, ever.

Some Recent Press:

"the common thread to her varied catalog of songs is a sense of emotional honesty, and a bold artistic conviction for and towards thematic authenticity. Her vocal delivery benefits from equal parts tonal purity and lyrical mischief. In a world of copycats and stylistic same-ism, Suzy Callahan is the real deal: unique, unforced, and timeless." -

"Her performance grafts the skin; it’s severe tone leaves you gasping for breath and unable to squirm away. But music should make you feel things, anything, to know of an existence far removed from your own. And Callahan delivers one helluva performance for the ages. “I hope the devil haunts you” is a hook that’ll spook you to the core." -

"It’s deliberately arbitrary and deeply embellished, with a soft focus like a scattergun. Suzy Callahan is indie rock’s own molecular gastronomist: she finds inspiration and recipes in the esoteric world of jazz chord extensions and modal tonality" -

"It’s somehow both entirely self-possessed and confident and yet uncertain and changeable. There’s a danger in the track, an unpredictability, that is wonderfully refreshing in 2018. A piece of art, that Georgia herself would have been proud of." -

"But it would be wrong to simply deem her work experimental. An experiment is something tested, its findings documented and deemed a success or a failure. Callahan knows exactly what she’s doing. She has painstakingly presupposed the outcome of every electronic overdub, every tonal shift. Like a farrier, she bends sounds to suit her needs, casting samples and keyboards in the bit roles they were destined to play." -

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Edge of the Universe by Suzy Callahan

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Brandon Dorsky

It's a beautiful song.   The lyrics and piano compliment one another.   If I was working on appropriate content currently, I would consider this for synch.   I have a meeting with a marketing company that mostly does  advertisements next week --- so this is probably not what they would typically use, but I will keep this in mind for the next film or TV or new media project I am working on.   This is certainly a candidate for any scene that involves death, emotional tension, emotional separation, bad behavior, etc.  

Suzy Callahan submitted media.

Holding Pattern by Suzy Callahan