Experimental music. Gonzo. Electric clouds collide.
The music of Intenso is an improvisational exploration into time, type and approach; a synergy with an emphasis on emotional triggers. Purely executed on the fly; the only appetite is to connect musically, to produce a material composite as a platform... The improbable appearance of the crown, poses the challenge; the risk that we use and work with as a guide or a guage every time we gather together. 

Recent winners of the WAM Song of the Year Experimental category for 2018 with their track The One, the band also took out the award in 2017 with As Steadfast as the Ether Itself which was released in that year on their 2nd album The Slow Cataclysm of Neglect.

Recent Submissions

intenso submitted media.

Mike Mineo

Thanks for sending this epic. "1-1-9" vocal repetition alongside ominous synth-laden vibrations and a spacey soundscape provide "Blood Shrinks Everything" with a very intriguing introduction. The lush rainy-day keys and present rhythmic presence arriving just past the one-minute mark is beautifully interwoven. What sounded initially like a journey into ominous dark space instead goes in the direction of serene, psychedelic, rainy-day bliss, and pleasantly so. Bursts of electric guitar around 02:40 do well in ascending the intensity, especially as the percussion spreads out more at the three-minute mark. The guitar that ensure in the fourth and fifth minutes are fondly reminiscent of Led Zeppelin's "Rain Song" -- at least in tone and soundscape. The final two minutes of the track enjoyably scales things back a bit, placing emphasis instead on the textural movements of the clanking rhythm in the back. I quite enjoy this industrial-leaning conclusion after the segments of guitars and hypnotic vocal sample. This is a very nicely done track that provides an audible journey for listeners, remaining interesting throughout its 8-minute span. The innovation and left-field approach is commendable, and I look forward to monitoring this project's future releases.

Kevin Hugger

An absolute epic which I must admit had me thinking of Moby early on, the 90's version of himself though when boundaries meant nothing. There is certainly something of the night about the inaugural movements, like something for late night taxi drivers to accompany their thoughts when out foraging for the next passenger. There is a pulse to how the sound grows and it happens so organically the listener will hardly twig when it has gone full experimental jazz in tone. There is a grind too so no sleeping allowed, feedback and general instrumental sprawl suggesting that this is a multi-legged collaboration. Even points in the direction of a Doors wig out, a psych drenched anthem that may or may not require other stimulents to expose its fully glory. Me, I could picture myself getting lost in the elegant haze but that would require more recovery time than I have though the final passages offer plenty of room for that. Blistering, blissful stuff.