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Wrong Hands by Secret Treehouse

Kristin Pedderson

Reminiscent of a Mazzy Star style, except a bit more melodic and pop, with a positive feel. Wrong Hands is part melancholy, part good feeling with excellent instrumentation and arrangement.  I would have enjoyed seeing the lyrics, or understanding them better.  Do you have a full album project? I would however be interested in listening to more music from your group. I see you have included a link. Thank you. It may take a few weeks to peruse more music, so please feel free to email at that time for further detail.

Tim Medcraft

Hey guys,
Sounds good.  
Can't make any comments so much on the arrangement as that sounds good.
Musically it's fine, who produced / mixed / mastered?  You might need a little help on these just to get a sharper sheen (especially with some of the other tracks which sound a little dull in places)
Vocals sound great and cut through, a bit St Etienne or Cardigans in places
My biggest point is I looked for social media accounts, followings etc and there is hardly any? 
Nothing on Spotify? 
What is happening with all of these?
You need to get all of this together as there is no reason you can't be working this especially as Norway is at the forefront of streaming
Facebook / Insta ads campaigns, Spotify ads, etc - all stuff you can do yourself and stuff you need to do yourself
I like what I hear don't get me wrong, you have something
But you also need to work it too.  
Are you pushing this to ad & sync people in USA?
Please let me know re all of the above

Sveinung Fossan Bukve submitted media.

Do You Remember by Secret Treehouse

Benjamin Groff

Hey Secret Treehouse.  It's a nice song here.  I liked the overall vibe...soft vocals with the harder track, i think is an appealing setting.  For me, i though the verse was a little sleepy.  Like I'm also not sure if i could sing back the verses after a few listens...chorus is really really strong.  Maybe keep us posted on the forthcoming release (it looks like this might be still in progress the way it's titled i.e. one verse less)...maybe we can cover it in one of our best of posts on the indie pop or alt chill column.  Tx!

Kevin Hugger

I do remember a time when Bergen was where it was all happening, so much so that one of my family travelled there just to witness it first hand. And you'd have been worthy of the round trip all on your own because you transmit an awestruck perspective where every word is issued as if under the spell of the Northern Lights. The success of the track is down to several things, the quiet/loud arrangements for one but mostly a voice that blends ethereal with something more defining. And by that I mean it could well be the fork in the road for dreampop, a greater gravitas that may alert an even wider audience to the pleasures of the swell of textures that define the genre. Uplifting stuff.

Bob Lugowe

I definitely dig the song and the name of the project. It would be cool if this song had some artwork attached to it as well that matched the grandiose sound. It reminds me of a more pop / song oriented Sigur Ros and definitely has that great ethereal, Scandinavian feel to it. 

I would suggest including a short bio about the project and a description of this song in particular (beyond what you already wrote though I do like the description) and links to hear more of your music / social media. Also you should make sure your project is on Bandcamp and all digital streaming services plus consider hiring a publicist to work your next single or release. You should also consider a visual accompaniment for this song or the next single as music videos still go a long way these days. Best of luck!