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Cloud by xxz

Alan Poyer

Instant fan have a great ear and a thoughtful approach to bringing in diverse sounds in a way that's quite beautiful and engaging (e.g. 1:28). Definitely getting some heavy Shlohmo influence (Places EP?) and digging it. Good move letting it breathe and bringing it all together at 2:02-4.

I like the offbeat punch you're trying to bring out in 0:38, as it's great placement and intrigues the ear – my feedback on it would be to consider whether the "yeh" reverbed voice sample is the best way to deliver that punch, since you're setting the tone that early on and training the listener what to expect in the future, and it sticks out from the rest of the track (i.e. there's no other section that has a voice sample).

Balance overall is superb – wouldn't change a thing there. I keep coming back to 2:04-2:21 (the part where it all comes together). This is the strongest, most special and enveloping section to me. I'd love to hear some variant of it happen more than once over the course of a three minute track. :) 

I'm definitely going to dig into your other tracks on SC now. Let me know if you'd feel comfortable with me sharing them or including them in my mixes on 8tracks or Pandora (, since I know sometimes people don't want to share out works in progress. My email is and please feel free to reach out anytime. Cheers!


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