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Oh Holy Night by Chad Rehmann & Cremaine Booker

Brian O'Neill

Have you looked at Tracks and Fields? They do licensing placements; I submit to them sometimes although my own music is pretty obscure. If this song is PD, you may have a chance if they need something like this. I can't say I have heard of recent holiday placement that asks for something like this, but you never know.  

Overall, it's nice, although I didn't care for the "re-interp" of the rhythm of the melody too much (removing the dotted 16th rhythm). There's a lot of production for my taste; since the playing is great, I'd rather have heard it more "straight" without so much overdub and changing of the rhythm. Intonation is really great too and I did like the reharm ideas near the end. 

Jerry Doby

Masterful arrangement and execution, filled with nuances that create serious drama and then deliver you safely into a joyous celebration. 5/5 for me ~ JD

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