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Cyrano Grier

Cyrano Grier

Cyrano Grier
25 year old solo artist/producer/director/musician/engineer/designer, based out of Mid-City Los Angeles.

Currently working on a cartoon that incorporates my songs, my clothing designs, and the ice cream I make,
music production

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What You Breathe by Cyrano Grier

Dave Clifford

This is great. Nice vocal and guitar hooks throughout. Definitely has a 90s feel to it, vocals sound a bit like Frank Black... all of those being good things! The triggered or programmed drums (hard to figure out which) are a little distracting, but not too big of a deal. Overall, the character of this song, and some others I checked out on Soundcloud are all really good. I'd like to hear more. 

Angela Mastrogiacomo

I really like this! I wouldn't say it's something I normally gravitate to, but there's no doubt it's super catchy, and definitely a throwback to my early days of Warped Tour and that overall scene. I also love that there's going to be inclusion of a cartoon, clothes, and ice cream. It sounds like your branding is tight and the way you're spreading your message is diverse—would love to learn more!

Indie Band Guru

Great song. Grabbed me right from the start. great use of overdubbing. The sonic space is full of energy.
Reach out to me at as I would like to hear more. Maybe an interview for the website?

Raziq Rauf

This starts with a cool riff. It reminds me a lot of the indie rock with dark content that used to masquerade as insanely bright and fun tunes from 15-20 years ago or so. I think you've got a great future ahead of you. I hope you find a good touring band and get a good team around you. This is great.

Benjamin Groff

Hey Cyrano...really great track.  The song, vocals, production...all super solid across the board.   My only critique is that in places i thought there were two songs playing.  Maybe that's the intended effect but I literally stopped the song to find out if another song was playing at the same time.  No biggie but I would look at that...really it was only  1:01 - 1:14.  I think you could clean that area up or maybe mute one of the parts.  

The only other thing I would say is it's hard to find support for songs in this genre say vs hip hop or electronic where there are stronger communities.  But I'd be happy to drop the song in our Best of Indie Spotify playlist when you put it out.  

Kevin Hugger

Going for the immersive experience then, hear, see and even feel your art! Quite a unique combo and your completely jaunty take on indie rock is a standalone gift all by its self. It slips by like a classic 90's anthem, jerky Pavement, quirky Weezer and a flotilla of Blur brushstrokes to wrap it all in a bow. I'm on board, with bell-bottoms on (with Grier branding of course). 

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