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A Hazy Shade Of Winter by Crowes Pasture

Kevin Hugger

You've chosen a timely cover given the snow storm brewing outside and it seems you haven't strayed too far from the template of yore. So we get a rhapsody of quiet reflection with harmonies cascading about like snow flurries. You have the chops for such assignments too, minimal fuss in those acoustics so we can bathe in the swirling intonations. A fine effort and at the very least it has me wondering what you can do with an original of your own. For the time being though this is spectral stuff, the great man himself would be proud to have inspired you to this extent. 

Bree Noble

This gorgeous. We generally don't play covers because of copyright issues with our Podcast. I wish we could play this. LOVE it. Good luck with the track. I could see this being licensed for film/tv.

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