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Tell Me by Haywyre

Brian Hazard

First off, I'm super jealous you're on AWAL! They turned me down. Bastards. 😜

Always a treat to see someone who can actually play! And who can use extended harmony fluidly. I'm guessing this is your actual live setup.

I love everything about this, especially the piano solo! This is going to make me sound super old, but it reminds me of Joe Jackson in the 80s.

Slick production, great groove, and the vocals are soooo funky.

I'm scratching my head to come up with something productive to say, but I'm at a loss. You've earned a new fan!

I'm happy to share it with my following on Twitter. In fact, I'll do it right now. Thanks for sharing it with me! I'm excited to hear what's next.


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