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Matt Moberg

Matt Moberg

Matt Moberg
“We drove all night long, like someone was still on our side. We played our bravery songs, and the world was ours tonight." 

Perhaps more than any other lyric that could be pulled from Matt Moberg’s collection, this line from Bravery Songs expresses what his songs intend to embody: 

we are loved and we are lovers, and it's time to live as if this is true. 

As an activist, pastor, father, and friend, the music of Matt Moberg is a longing—a deeply rooted desire for it all to be better and bigger than it all presently is. Whether his songs are about lovers who leave or a leaver who loves, the ache for abundance is wrapped around every word. 

This is why, perhaps, this music from the northern woods of Minnesota has resonated with people all around the world. From being a part of The Voice and playing on stages with artists like Ben Rector, Dave Barnes, Dessa, and more, to seeing his songs land on over 800 TV shows and play in every Starbucks in the United States, people have found space in this music for their own stories to be seen. Step inside the songs today. You may find the same to be true for you.
Minneapolis, MN

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Young and Yours by Matt Moberg

D Grant Smith

I really dig your sound. The softness of the melody reminds me of Brett Dennen with a Joshua James instrumentation. Nice work on the flow and composition. You have some subtle shifts between verse and chorus that are a little different than your typical folk/singer-songwriter tune. Makes me curious what the rest of your album or EP sounds like. Shoot me an email and let's talk more (my media platform showcases albums, not singles). Either way, I'd like to play this tune on my show. Reference this Fluence review so I don't miss it. My email is 

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