Scott Fairbrother

Scott Fairbrother

Scott Fairbrother

Fort Ever
Fort Ever is the solo project from multi-instrumentalist Scott Fairbrother, who’s songwriting credits includes placements on House, OC, and Grand Theft Auto. 
“Hwy 62” has several sonic layers combining ethereal guitars with an electronic soundscape citing inspiration from such artists as Boards of Canada, Bibio, Tycho, And Slowdive.
Los Angeles

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Hwy 62 by FortEver by Fort Ever

Scott Cohen

Super cool.  Dreamy.  Feels like a soundtrack.  You should be in contact with music supervisors.  Start by emailing the music sups that used your music in the past.  They will be working on new projects.  Update them.

Kevin Hugger

Some serious influences on there, was especially taken to see Slowdive mentioned. And that association did make sense when the dreamy fidelity emerged, all chiming chords and immersive tropical sounds. There was a dissonance too, a certain off-kilter demeanour so certain sorts could be thrown off the trail. Not I though because this was a proper mind express of a tune, floating, agitating and in the process stoking our imaginations to look beyond the obvious. Lovely stuff.  

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