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Mikkel Cloud

Mikkel Cloud
Whittney Mikkél and Jaren Cloud are a music production and composition team who marry their shared affinities for jazz, electronica, and cinematic music to create a unique blend which transcends genres. Mikkél's ethereal vocals and passion for audio engineering, together with Cloud's keyboard performance and knack for storytelling through creative orchestration, create a truly captivating listening experience. The duo currently composes music for Rice Games, and will be featured on their upcoming indie title, Shujinkou.

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How To Disappear Completely by Mikkel Cloud

Shamal Ranasinghe

Thank you for sending this to me. I listened to it three times. It was easy to get me in because Radiohead is one of my favorites. I remember 22 years ago seeing them with 1500 people at the 9:30 Club in DC and loving every minute of it. Your version of it is as beautiful as the original and honestly I prefer your voice. The mastery of Radiohead's sounds and rhythms is hard to emulate. I listened to the original after I listened to yours twice, and their mastery is evident. Your track is beautiful and needs to be shared with more curators who manage chill, layered sounds programming. 

SD Hox

Great and passionate work on this Radiohead project. I really like this track. Thanks for sharing and keep at it!