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Waitin' for My Train to Come by Alex & The People

Wiley Koepp

Stark, traditional song. Makes you feel good about the state of things. And sad. And hopeful. Longing, yearning, honesty...very Dylan-meets-the-blues.

Really enjoying your sound. Even signed up on your email list. In Austin, you'd do great at Cactus Cafe. True-to-form songwriters putting their craft on display every night.

As for advice, we do some affordable online promotion at, if you're interested in that sort of thing. Otherwise, just play out. Keep posting videos and develop your online presence to increase exposure. Instagram's great for what you're doing--use lots of relevant hashtags, not only relevant to your style, location, etc., but include some touching on your lyrical content for some new/different cross-pollination. 

Bree Noble

Great lyrics, wonderful authentic folk sound, reminds me of "Hallelujah" by Cohen. Love it! I would add this on Spotify.

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