Nick Nicolaou

Nick Nicolaou

Nick Nicolaou

Year of The Monkey is a solo artist based in London. 
I hope you enjoy the music presented and thanks for listening.
hip-hop, electronica, breakbeat, classical, dubstep, soundtracks

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Flesh For The Breakers .WAV by Year of the Monkey

Tim Medcraft

Hey Nick,
This is good, has potential.
I think your arrangement can be a lot better though.
I've done a quick fix in Logic which you can check here:
My version isn't right as primarily the breakdown needs sorting - it needs to be doube lin length.  That doesn't mean no beats for the whole thing, it means the breakdown section needs to be longer.
Bar 65 you can pull the vocal / put it lower in the mix so the first time the vocal comes in it is still the most powerful.
Bar 81 the breakdown starts but you only have a very short breakdown compared to what is needed.  This needs to be extended - lose the vocal as it isn't needed especially at the beginning - the darker music works well here but is then gone as soon as it comes in so you could maybe look at that more.
I really like the end stabs (very Carl Craig in places) but I couldn't get them work anywhere else
This track needs to work as an instrumental too for other use, and that will also be a good test of the arrangement
The intro is too long - it's great, but not sure it works for a longer track.  I may be being picky, not sure.  Note: Spotify hates intros like that.  If you don't care about Spotify all good.  Ads will love the string section on it's own. 
Just remember, peaks & troughs, light & dark.
No vocal in one part means the impact is greater when it does come in.
All in all great ideas on this one.  
Would def be interested in hearing this with a fixed arrangement.

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