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b.b (Unreleased) by Avaya

Hugh McIntyre

Love this! Love everything about this! It's honestly one of the best songs I've been sent on this platform. I can see this track performing well if you can get it to some streaming playlists, and if you have more like this, you're well on your way. You definitely have a knack for songwriting and producing!

Benjamin Groff

Hey Avaya - I really like this. I think we can add it to our Best of Indie Pop post at www.WeAreTheGuard.com and when it's released we'll also add it to our weekly indie chart on Spotify here.   As far as comments - I usually have something to say but think this is all on point.  I also really liked the production - very effective!  Nice work!  When it's ready to be released just get a hold of me at my contact form at www.BenjaminGroff.com and we'll sort it out for you! 

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