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Artist Rep for Zion The Don
Zion The Don is A breath of FRESH Air! The Youth need this Music in there life!
Washington D.C

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Rebel RdUnderground

Lots of potential here. I love how it had a new age vibe and flow but the lyrics we're true to the artists and authentic. Thought the hook was catchy, the verse flows could have been better and more catchy - I like when you rap, the melodic stuff was alright but needs refining. The video is incredible. Great work.with the dancers. I would say my criticism.is with originality. While.lyrically it was authentic, the sound wasn't. This kind of blends in with a whole genre of music instead of carving a niche for yourself. Work on that. Try something nobody else is doing and see the response.

Andrea Young

Love what you're doing here, would recommend that you start to pay attention to Spotify and other streaming platforms to activate and engage your fanbase, starting with all the dancers and friends in this video.  Fill in your artist profile on Spotify especially (most accessible platform but pay attention to the others too), with your bio and photos and links to socials.  Then ask your family, friends and fans to 'heart' your profile, listen to your tracks there, save them to their own music library, and add them to their own playlists.  That can help you start to get some attention from new fans online than anything else.  Your music deserves to be heard, but you'll need to spend resources promoting it as well as recording it.  Love your energy, your honestly and your vibe on these.  Thanks for this submission, good luck with your music!

District Authority submitted media.

Intense Feelings by Zion The Don

Brian Hazard

That opening confused me! Thought it was the track and then it was over. Don't worry, I'm easily confused. 😂

Pretty dark subject matter for the age, but I guess that's the reality. I'm worried about the video and COPPA, since it could be characterized as "for kids." Anyway, I'm sure you've seen all the YouTube drama.

I'm not sure the plot came through as clearly as it could've, but there was some dramatic and eye-catching imagery, so kudos for that.

As for the track, the mix was okay and the production was pretty stereotypical for the genre. Musically I didn't hear anything fresh or memorable. I can't sing the hook back to you now that it's over. It felt like it ended too soon, but I understand the impulse to create short tracks in the current environment.

Then again, hip hop isn't my thing. I even say "no hip hop" on my profile. It's not a good fit for my audience so I never share it.

Good luck with the track, and sorry I can't do more to help!


Alan Cross

A VERY important subject. Thank you for doing this.

This track/video SCREAMS viral sensation. Make as many bloggers as you can aware of what you've done. 

Andrea Young

Thanks for sending the track over.  It and the video speak volumes that need to be said, and we appreciate Zion for that.  Really well done all the way around.  We don't feature much hip hop on our shows and playlists, and the track isn't particularly our personal style. But that doesn't mean we don't appreciate it, it is worthy of as much attention as you can find for it.  One thing we'd suggest is to fill out your profile on Spotify with a bio, pics and social media links, so that fans can know as much about you and your music as possible when they find you.  I have no doubt you will succeed in whatever your goals and mission are.  Thanks for your submission, and reminding me this morning of how precious life is and how we can help each other through the 'intense feelings'.   Good luck with your music!  

Bob Lugowe

Great positive message and well-produced track + music video to accompany it. Nice work! I would suggest including a bio, lyrics and more info about the making or meaning behind this song with your fluence submission. Consider this your elevator pitch to get in front of the right people so you want to include as much relevant info in a concise and clear manner as possible. Also, I noticed your IG link is broken. If you're looking for more exposure, consider hiring a publicist, teaming up with some social media influencers, building a presence on tik-tok / triller, and collaborating with other artists in your scene. You clearly have some people you're working with who know what they're doing so continue to make those connections to take yourself to the next level. For your age, the talent is definitely off to a great start! Best of luck!