Michael Morris

Michael Morris

Michael Morris

Born in Texas, moved to South Carolina, picked up a guitar at thirteen years old and never put it down.
South Carolina

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Benjamin Groff

Hi Michael - pretty good for $30 mic!  As far as a track / instrumental on what you have here - I mean, it's crunch, has attitude, feels raw in a good way - it's really now about what top of top line / lyric / melody comes on top of that.  That's really where the rubber meets the road.  Also it's a good riff...on future songs / tracks i would really pay attention to making the best riffs you can make.  Hardly anyone is doing that these days - and that's just one of the things that separates the icons and historical songs (especially and no doubt ROCK music) from just fleeting tracks that are popular for a while.  Maybe if I were you I would get a set of these tracks together and then go on a search for people who can put a great top line on these and maybe that's how you find your vocalist ... assuming that you aren't already the person yourself doing that.  Sounds like it's heading in the right direction.   

Andrea Young

The track draws us in to listen with its steady beat and heavy rock sensibility.  It doesn't really evolve beyond that, but its a solid track.  It'll have a niche audience that in our experience can be challenging to build, but maybe you aren't creating this for others to hear as much as to satisfy your own self expression, that's cool too.  The aesthetics of the sound are murky, so its not something our ears will want to listen to over and over again, but we like it.  I believe your sound/compositions will need to be developed further in order to attract other listeners, but that's just an opinion, do what your head/heart tell you to do!  Would definitely recommend coming up with a release plan, even if the release plan is 'no plan', and work it in order to gain fans if that is important to you.  Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music!

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