Alvaro Soto Gutierrez

Alvaro Soto Gutierrez

Alvaro Soto Gutierrez

Experimental music producer with a day job
i´m a young music producer working a full time job at an hotel and spending the rest of my time composing, experimenting, and trying to bring together different styles but always with unusual time signatures, and many instruments as Cajon, Udu, Djambe, Electric, Acoustic and Nylon guitar, Ukeleles, Sansulas... I never think about doing a concrete style, but i always come up with something new and fresh

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Rootstrings by Soto

SD Hox

This is an epic-length song that might be intimidating at first. However, as the electronic opening transitions to a global beat, the song pulls you in. By the time the acoustic guitars kick in, I was absolutely hooked. I added the track to my eclectic and recently released Dinner Party - 2020 playlist on Spotify. Thanks for sharing! Great work from a clearly talented artist!!

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