Isaiah Booker

Isaiah Booker

Isaiah Booker

Escape Inside
Im 26, from melbourne australia!
Self taught in music production (logic X) and mixing. Looking for some mentorship for both production and also the business side of this whole thang. Love to chat to anyone and everyone that resonates with my art :)
music producer, mixing, songwriting

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BAMBOLOO by Escape Inside

SD Hox

First, I love your description of what you are looking for...that is definitely the right approach to getting usable feedback. There is a lot going on in this track. I like the groove and the electronic mix (although at times it sounds a bit to video-gamish). I also thought that the fade-out was a bit too quick. On the other hand, I really liked the production values (the track was evenly mixed and you can really hear the textures). This is a great first effort and l look forward to hearing more in the future! Thanks for the share.

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