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Dead Of The Night by Strath

Andrea Young

I have to say my ears do not enjoy the intro of this piece, and I don't hear that it reflects the rest of the sonic feel of it.  These days the intro is one of the most important parts of a work of music since most everyone is so time-challenged and are making decisions on whether they want to continue based on the intro.  This also rambles a bit for me so that I can't quite grab onto it long enough, although I really do like the sound and feel of it, especially the vocals and instrumentation after it gets going.  It's more a rock opera than a track for me since there are so many different things going on at the same time.  Would like to see the lyrics.  Thanks for your submission, hope that's helpful in some way, good luck with your music!

Bob Lugowe

For starters, I would suggest including a short bio, lyrics, links to social media and your music along with the fluence description. The short one you have is cool but it's unclear if that is a press quote or something you wrote yourself and it's also unclear what your goals are. Consider this your elevator pitch to get in front of the right people so definitely have as much info, links, etc. as possible but in a clear and concise manner. 

The music and production are really good and you def have talent so continue to work on honing your sound and building a fanbase online. It's easy enough to do if you're a solo artist and plan on creating strong content, having a strong visual image, putting your music on all DSPs including Bandcamp and if you're looking to go further consider hiring a publicist or putting together a solid EPK to pitch to labels. Best of luck!

Mike Mineo

Initial synths tread a nice line between whirring excitement and spacey lushness, evolving with a steady allure. The sonorous vocals emerge with seamless incorporation thereafter, with a squiggly synth lead around 00:38 showing an enjoyably playful vibe. This synth leads during the build-up, which culminates at 01:48 into a rhythmically infectious, guitar-laden stomp that emits infectious enjoyment. Here until 02:55 is an excellent showcase in rhythms, keys/synths, and guitar-like tones converging with great enjoyment. The lush, rhythmic-less bridge into the final minute adds some enjoyable tonal variation. "Dead of the Night" is a very well-produced, engrossing electro-pop track that I'm looking forward to sharing. Added to my 'Best of January 2020' playlist for now -

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