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Christian Alexander Sosa

Chrisy Nova - Kill
Long Island, New York alternative artist Chrisy Nova is creating large interest in the independent music scene both from fans and industry insiders. With easy-to-relate-to by lyrics that draw listeners into his emotionally charged world, and distinct vocals, and mesmerizing beat choice. 'Kill' Is Nova's 1st Single off of his album Birth and it is due to come out February 5th. have a listen to it.

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Kill by Chrisy Nova

Indie Band Guru

Very smooth and interesting production. Grabs attention with laid back sounds. Vocals are solid as well. 

Alan Cross

This is really good. I found myself slightly disappointed that it ended so soon. One thing I could say about songwriting is that I wish there was a more satisfying ending rather than just having the song suddenly stop. Perhaps something leading to an emotional crescendo before everything concludes. 

The other thing you might want to consider is developing a chorus. You have the bones of it within this recording. It need not be long; go have a listen to Roxy Music's "Avalon" to see what I mean. A chorus will may the whole production more memorable. You want that hook to stick in people's ears.

Otherwise, very good work. You've obviously got some talent for this sort of thing. Keep at it--and good luck!

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