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Better by Ky.

Andrea Young

The production (meaning the mix and master) on this is AMAZING.  Sounds so good in my headphones that even though the track doesn't completely resonate for me personally, I love listening to it.  So much talent!! and a really well done, attractive and contemporary 'electronic pop-bop' arrangement on this (great phrase to describe your music). 

I couldn't find you on Spot when I typed in 'Ky' (might be too short a name to find?) so I went to your website and found your Spot profile through that.  Not sure your typical fan would know to do that, so might want to keep an eye on that, ie the search engine on Spot isn't finding you yet.  

I very much like your sound, but having a tough time finding a tune that I totally resonate with so far on your profile, at first listen, being honest.  Will keep listening!  

Hope that's helpful, thanks for your submission, good luck with your music!