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Drink Myself to Sleep by Midnight Carolina

John Girgus

It's great, wish more people were doing this.

Mike Mineo

Twangy guitars and a suave vocal lead makes for a consuming initial sound, conjuring a type of barroom-blues aesthetic that plays nicely and reminds me of acts like The Waterboys. A chilling guitar tone around 01:36 caps off the chorus/hook nicely -- structurally achieving a similar success around 03:50, gearing into the track's conclusion. The sweltering vocals, guitars, and steady rhythm section combine to make "Drink Myself to Sleep" a success that plays on a confident aesthetic and anthemic charm. Nice work! Since you marked needing help with promotion, free to email me at if interesting in hearing about my PR servicing's rates, success stories, and strategy. Thanks for sending! -Mike

Brandon Dorsky

I like the nostalgia inducing guitar opening.     I feel like I just stepped into the early 90s for some reason.   Like, a little bit Tom Cochrane's "Life Is A Highway" vibe...don't know why.   All that said, the hook delivers and the whole "I don't want to waste my time, so I just said what's on my mind" does too.    Perfect anthem for a bar montage or a drinking scene in certain types of programming.   You hit this one on the nose.   

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