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Make You Mine by Waiting For London

Andrea Young

This holds lots of promise, with its' alt pop vibe which can be popular with blogs and playlists, and at the same time it does not quite resonant for us to add it to playlists.  Looks like you all are just starting out and I'd say this track reflects that.  The track doesn't quite meld the way we might expect it to, that might be a matter of improving production value or just continuing on your musical journey together.  Would recommend including website, social and streaming (if there are any) links and lyrics when submitting, and some of the story behind the band to draw us in as potential fans, whatever your story.  Hope that is helpful, thanks for your submission, good luck with your music

Angela Mastrogiacomo

Congrats on the upcoming EP! I really love this and would love to work together doing PR for it. Really catchy, memorable, and totally gets stuck in your head. Love this!

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