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Camilla by Viktor Spasov

Andrea Young

Hey Viktor!  Thanks for getting in touch and paying attention to our feedback and also checking us out on our socials, it all helps ;)
Love this.  Great imagery in the lyrics ("she turned back the time on her watch, as starlight was spread through the dark")!  Very Beatles-esque with lyrics and also a bit of a reminder in the melodies and the instrumentation of those as well.  There’s a bit much going on for traditional pop/singersongwriter types of outlets that may work against the track being picked up  – would be interesting to take it out to them and see what they say as this is a bit outside their box (especially with the hard start on this track).  But its lovely, listening over and over.  There’s lots of mood in this piece that can engage with playlists and blogs like chill, singer-songwriter, calm, acoustic, and I'd recommend you reach out to those communities.  Also multi-instrumentalist communities!  You might do some DIY to connect with some of these outlets/communities and get some feedback and features from them.

We'll add it to our own Aspenbeat playlists ( and try it out to see where it fits with the rest of the music we listen to over and over again.  Sometimes music needs to be 'seasoned' a bit to fall completely in love with it.  

Looks like you have lots of work to do as an emerging artist, with a handful of followers and listens to start on the online platforms. I am glad to see you are releasing some tracks fairly quickly here, that would be my advice to build your following.  I'd say talk up your music -- and the process and experience of creating it -- on socials, and connect with other like artists and the above-mentioned to grow your community.  These are all things I think you already know and are doing, but I'd say stay in it, stay in it for the long haul, it takes so much time these days to get a foothold. And share as much as you can with everyone about your process.  It is lovely, lovely music with so much soul and talent behind it, and I would love to hear some additional tracks from you besides Sad Song and this one, and hear how you further develop your sound as you continue to finetune your art and craft.

Thanks for all of the links and info, really helps to follow and support you by the way!  
Hope this is all helpful in some way to you.  We run (paid) press and playlisting campaigns through my day job as head of DPG Worldwide (, if you are ever interested in having us help on your journey, feel free to get in touch.  

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