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Pray by Dotsun Moon

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Mike Mineo

"Dance Me Forever" is a haunting, aesthetically gripping track. The wordless vocal haunts converge seamlessly with a creeping piano tone fit for Halloween night. Hip-hop percussion provides a solid rhythmic undercurrent, with expanded percussive distortion around 01:30 adding extra vigor. Vocal sample additions, like the male vocal push at 02:28, also adds a climatic, infectious feel. Aesthetically, this reminds me fondly of material from World's End Girlfriend, a brilliant and overlooked artist. I enjoy how this track establishes a hypnotic, haunting feel -- thanks for sending! Since you noted that you're looking for help with promotion, feel free to email me at if interested in my PR servicing's rates and success stories. Thanks again for sending! -Mike

Jen Dan

This is truly intriguing and mysterious music! You've got that vintage 4AD/This Mortal Coil vibe going in 2020, which is no easy feat, but you also add a different spin with the inclusion of some old-school hip-hop interjections. A surprising, but interesting mix of music genres.
The instrumentation is spare, but still atmospheric, with echoed synth notes, spacey reverberations, and the shuffling drum beat that at times opens up with scintillating and emphatic high-hat strikes.
Really love the winding, lamenting, operatic wordless female vocals; very enigmatic and tragic in ambience.
A cool mix of cosmopolitan rumination and grittier street spirit. Looking forward to listening to more tracks off your just released Calming The Shakes EP.