Brad Urba

Brad Urba

Brad Urba

As a non-conformist, Brad Urba is a multi-genre singer/songwriter whose musical catalog is not defined by conventional boxes.
Los Angeles, CA

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Rise Up by Brad Urba

Charlie Ashcroft

A solid surefire anthem for NOW. Big riffs, strong sentiment and a catchy chorus. Good work all round! In terms of next steps promotion-wise, I’d recommend reaching out to people like Alex Baker at Kerrang Radio, and Daniel P Carter at the BBC. It could also garner press support from the likes of Noizze and Some Might Say zine. I’d also recommend signing up to Music Gateway if you’re looking for a UK sync agency!

Jerry Doby

Very timely and energetic. I like the message and the arrangement.

Alan Cross

I like this. God knows we need a LOT more protest songs of all flavours and intensities right now. 

Obviously, you want this to go viral. The best thing to do is hammer social media and hope that the masses take the bait so that they turn into evangelists for the song. Instagram is probably best if you're looking for a younger crowd, but don't neglect Twitter, either. That seems to be where most of the protest discussions seem to be going on.

Meanwhile, let me share this on my social networks. That'll be good for about 100,000 people.

Brad Urba submitted media.

Carry My Stone by Brad Urba

Søren Lund Korsgaard

Very nice production and use of percussion which reminds a bit of Woodkid. I like the atmospheric elements and the choir. The rap session in the last third is also a nice touch as it leads up to a sort of a crescendo. That said the over all feeling of the track is a bit too dramatic and loaded with pathos for my personal taste. I think, however, that it would probably go well as a sync in scene in a television series that matches the mood of your music. 
Good luck! 

Jerry Doby

It's amazing how timely this song is. Great feeling and very impactful


This song is a great introduction to Brad Urba.  I think that this song is great and I look forward to diving into his catalog.  The vocals are solid and it is just the right amount of heave.  I would love to play it on the station.  

Chris Heintz

First and foremost thank you for reaching out and submitting. Starting out the mix sounds like a rough one. I’d like to hear some more depth/dynamics and a bit more high-end in the mix overall to bring out more of the instruments/elements in the production/track. The musicianship is really solid though and I like energy/power of the track. The record overall is giving me that Hozier and Imagine Dragons vibe. I think because they already pretty much have that sound nailed down, outside of an actual artist release this would work well for TV/Film synchs. If I were you I would get this to some Music Supervisors ASAP.  I have nothing really negative to say about the song overall. The vox sound good, production is well done,  lyrically it’s strong and the chorus is catchy.  I hope my feedback helps. 

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