Peter Olsen

Peter Olsen

Peter Olsen

Singer/Songwriter/Multi-Instrumentalist/Music Therapist
Victoria, Australia

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Daydream by Peter Olsen

Andrea Young

Well done! with composition, production, arrangement, performance, and hit potential in the singer-songwriter realm.  It sounds like something that would fit in nicely on Sirius XM Coffeehouse.  I see you are just beginning your journey of getting fans on Spotify (103 followers) and getting your music heard.  I've got a new 'Aspenbeat Under The Radar' playlist that I'm adding this track to.  Please follow the playlist and Aspenbeat on Spotify as you can, thank you.
I think at this point its a matter of your continuing to release new music in a persistent manner so that more and more people find and listen to it.  You can DIY if you wish/need to, and use all the promotion and marketing tools you can glean (so much free on the web these days on how to do that) to help people find it.  I'd also recommend making a list of similar artists, both established and emerging, and creating a playlist with those artists and your track on it next to their tracks, and post it on your Spot Artist Profile.  That can further define where you music belongs in the ecosystem.  Hope that's helpful, thanks for your submission, good luck with your music!

Benjamin Groff

Hey Peter - wow right off the top the recording just sounds sooo good.  Nice work there.  Overall, really a solid tune, vocals, guitar playing etc.  I would say now it's about elevating everything on the song level.  Like "Daydream" is nice - but that, along with maybe some of the other lyrics we've heard before.  I think you're on to something but I would recommend leveling up the lyric game, especially if you're traveling in the singer/songwriter world.  Some times those songs just "work' but more often than not i think those key songs that break through in this world are just one degree above on the songwriting side.  Hope that's helpful!  Oh and btw - i have tons of content here at my songwriting blog that might just be valuable at www. Benjamin Groff (dot) com.  Tx!

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