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Hugh McIntyre

Very cool track. I was really into it, and I can see many others feeling the same way. Keep going and see if there are ways to make your music sound even more premium--maybe mixing/mastering/engineering? If this went up one more notch I'd say it could really hit the masses.

Andrea Young

I think what I can give you here is big encouragement.  I LOVE the timbre of your voice, vocals and harmonies.  I want to hear more, but I am not drawn to the production of this track, or the melody/lyrics, until about 2:40 in, when it repeats the chorus. That draws me in, but not soon enough to consider adding to playlists or mixtapes.  Interestingly, same with 'Ashby' -- not drawn in until about 2 minutes in when listening.  Not sure why, just an observation.  Would recommend you take advantage of every tool the streaming sites have to help you as an emerging artist, both Pandora and Spotify have many, and they blog about them, they're available for free.  Great artist tools to build engagement and a fanbase.  Work hard to get your music out there yourself right now.  Hope this is helpful, thanks for your submission, good luck with your music!

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