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Till the Last by Visions of Division

Benjamin Groff

Hi Visions of Divisions...i genuinely liked this and ended up listening twice.  Have you ever thought of getting a great female cool vocal on this?  My honest thoughts are you have a great song, great production - but ... (don't take this the wrong way but since you're here for advice) - is there someone that can be a better "face" or "voice" for this song.  Maybe even partnering with someone who already has an audience?  You could even have revolving guests / features and keep things interesting.  I think the vocals are really strong - but - what if you had like the next Sia, or someone like that fronting the track?  Hope that's helpful. 

Andrea Young

Cool video that perfectly accompanies the music (or vice versa).  The song ends rather abruptly for me, I'm expecting more development and time in the theme somehow.  I am not grabbed by the start of the track, and this is not quite our personal style or taste, but , I can get into the rhythm of it by mid track and really like the vocals and arrangement around the :50 mark and on...With some further development, it might be something we'd listen to and feature.  Hope that is helpful, thanks for your submission, good luck with your music and developing your signature style and tone!  

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