Darko Giacomini

Darko Giacomini

Darko Giacomini

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Toronto-based alternative/indie-rock musician Darko is primarily a recording artist, challenging himself to record the highest quality album on an iPad and pushing the boundaries of the DIY approach to making music. He currently arranges and records all of the instrumentation (drums, piano, guitar, vocals, and bass). 
He uses tunings that are generally well-suited for an acoustic guitar, (as they produce more high-end, shimmery chord voicings), but juxtaposes those “sweeter” tunings with distortion, introducing a more alternative rock-esque feel – reminiscent of the Foo Fighters’ hard rock compositions coupled with pop infused melodies.

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Never Know by An Hour a Minute

Alan Cross

This is really nice, certainly in keeping with the current sound of alt-pop. I'd definitely think about carving out 30 seconds for use in TikTok videos. I can see this sort of thing potentially blowing up on that platform.

Interesting keyboard sounds, too. Right out of the mid-80s. Any vintage synths used in this song?

Tell you what: Send me a high-quality MP3 along with a three-line bio and I'll see what I can do about getting you a feature play on 102.1 the Edge/Toronto.