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Sea Energise by Julia Thomsen

Brian Hazard

Lovely piano sample! You've sure got the pedal noises turned way up! Wow, beautiful strings too.

It must be really hard to promote this kind of music, at least in the traditional manner of trying to establish a fanbase. It seems like it would need to be in conjunction with video or at least some broader project. But what do I know?

Fantastic work! That was short but sweet. It's not really a great fit for my electronic music loving following, but I'm happy to share it anyway.

Ah, guess it's private. I don't see it on your profile. Well in that case, I guess the only thing I'd mention critically is that it may be a bit dynamic for casual listening. The swells around the 80% mark in particular. Great for an underscore, but I was tempted to reach for the volume knob.

SD Hox

A beautiful track from a clearly talented artist. I love the pacing and tempo on this one. It really lulls you in with the cinematic sweep of the instrumentation. Please let me know when it is available on Spotify and I'm happy to add to some popular playlists.

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