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Aneurysm by the Zen Rites by Eli Baez, Steevyn Baez

Benjamin Groff

Hey Eli and Steevyn thanks for this submission - really tender and authentic and moving lyric.  I think it's a good song for sure but I would also see if you can improve your recording of it.  There's some, what we would call "cleanup" in the recording ... meaning some ambient noise / background elimination, additional breaths, movement, etc ... but then again, that might be part of the charm.  I think also for the recording capture - there's a lot that can be done just a simple upgrade on how you're capturing and demoing the music i.e. even a free Garageband program but using something like a Focusrite interface, $200-$300 mic and taking some YouTube tutorials on how to record and set up some vocal effects - i bet you could really move the needle on your next recordings.  But then again - i did like just the intimacy of the way it was captured as well.  But just a thought / feedback.  Hope it's helpful and good luck with everything.