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Cat's Cradle by Boh Doran

Benjamin Groff

Hi Boh, thanks for the submission.  I enjoyed the visualizer - though it certainly also holds its own as an official video.  I mean, overall this is really solid.  I'm actually typing ... listening back on a second listen.  I might have one piece of advice for you that might serve you for the rest of your career.  Especially if you're in the rock lane (whatever subgenre i.e. indie, singer/songwriter, etc)....a crucial part I think is often overlooked is artists releasing songs with 2nd melodies.  This could actually be a huge thing if applied correctly.  So what is the 2nd Melody?  By that, I mean not just the harmony ... but the riff.  The modern counterpoint of a song.  Ideally this 2nd melody also is copyrightable and exists completely outside of your song and identifies the song.  i.e. if you hear just the opening "riff" to The Police's "Every Breath You Take" you don't need to hear Sting to know that this is the song - and then Sting's vocal enters and you have modern counterpoint.   I actually wrote a huge article on this here if you want to take a look!  You have some nice countermelodies but I could hear the song exploding more and being more memorable if i have a key riff / 2nd melody to also latch onto - just a thought!  

I'm not sure the song is 100% right for my channels but I do have a great video here on some more marketing and promotion ideas - post release that might be helpful! 

In the meantime which you the best with the project! 

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