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Sundown by Reno McCarthy

Alan Cross

I like it. Good production with some unexpected and surprising twists in the arrangement. 

1. I'd strongly suggest you submit this to SiriusXM, including the XMU and The Verge channels. They're all over this kind of sound. And the CBC (Radio 3 for sure) as well as any campus station you can find.

2. Carve out 30 seconds for TikTok. Someone might pick this up for...something and cause it to blow up big. You never know right now.

3. Keep contacting as many music blogs as you can. They're all looking to discover something new. That includes They're a great champion for new indie stuff.

4. Follow up on any and all social media reactions. That's an excellent way to convert people into fans, even if it is one at a time.

I'll forward this to some of my contacts to see what they say. Good luck.

submitted media.

Nightout (Official Video) by Reno McCarthy

Alan Cross

I like it! Good performance and production. Nice and funky, too.

I'll get Nerhys to include this with her "Music from the Inbox" report on Tuesday.

submitted media.

Alan Cross

Good stuff! I've been following your stuff for the last couple of years and have enjoyed it very much. 

Love the psych action of this track, too. Nice woozy. And you caught me JUST as I was about to start on next week's 5 Songs list. Consider it included!

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