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Jerry Doby

Fun song and great arrangement. Well done. I love the theme of living for the now and not waiting...fits the times.

Scott Cohen

You sound great.  You obviously have talent.  Find your lane.  Separate from the pack.  You have a bright future.

Benjamin Groff

Hey Kiera - nice work on this lyric video.  Having commissioned a lot of these myself - you did some nice work on getting it done.  I think the song, production and vocal is really really good!  Here's a thought - the song feels so fun and visual - have you thought about making a lyric video that is super imposed over real video footage of you / the artist, etc...I have a feeling that visually that might be an engaging thing and would help me connect more to who you are visually.  Actually just dug a little further on your pages and am intrigued on what you're doing! I'll be in touch! (Or reach out to me via my contact page at Benjamin Groff dot com) 

Chris Lovett

Having played quite a bit of dubstep in my radio days, this is actually a pretty well put together track, full of vibrancy and opportunities for people to groove to. Its massively upbeat, happy and joyful. The whole package of the visuals and uplifting lyrics is colourful and bright and just makes me feel better. The types of words used in the lyrics as well are subtly really powerful - sunrise, paradise, midnight, moment, now - these word evoke positivity and action in people and that mixed with the whole vibe of the piece is really great. Well done.

So theres a few things you can do to really layer and build the stepping stones that should provide momentum for a period of time, some you may know but others worth exploring;
Music Blogs - Having a respected platform to tell us what to listen to is powerful to gain new followers and listeners. Utilising the more niche ones puts your track into the ears of more hardcore new music fans who are looking to tell their friends of the next big thing. Research submithub and use their platform to reach a number of blogs through one submission, make sure you pick the blogs that match your genre and get going. To supplement this, also find another 10-15 blogs that are not on the submithub roster and submit your track to them as well. places like earmilk and stereofox are well respected platforms. You could also offer up an exclusive interview or pre-release just for a certain blog if you like.
Radio - community and online stations will provide more international play and again the approach is very similar to the blogs, use the tunein app to uncover a number of stations that fit your genre from all over the world and do some digging on their website to find out how to get your track to them. Im sure most would just be a link or a file to send them. Its a bit more admin but you can then analyse the pay off afterwards based on how much airplay you get. What these things do is build credibility, your fanbase has already invested in you as an artist and they need constant reassurance you are still worth their time, energy, attention - the best way to do this is by a constant flow of activity. Being played on a station in Denmark, great share it. Featured on a blog in the UK, great share it. With the promo side it doesnt have to be perfect, but when you have a song out, it must be prolific for a period of time. Continued ticking over. You are always a new artist to someone.
TV spots - Within the first few seconds of this track, I pictured it being featured on a reality TV show in the background somewhere. It all depends what your values and goals are but there have been so many tracks on recent netflix reality dramas - selling sunset springs to mind. Again, there are already loads of articles online giving you tips on how to do that part of it so I wont go into detail here but that could be a great avenue to explore.
Collaboration - working with others is so powerful its a win win. Not only do you get to meet other creatives but you'll likely learn more, make new connections and friends but also expand your reach and opportunity. Fans of theirs will see you featured as a writer, vocalist, producer whatever and then check you out. The fact that their fav artist has worked with someone else, creates intrigue in the listener. Who is this person, why is she on this track, let me check them out. That then potentially leads to more brand new ears finding you and making a choice as to whether to spend their time finding out more about you. The unsigned community is a great example of this, mainly through need because there are very little financial rewards early on so it kinda becomes a neccessity but communities get created and then they all support each other and push each other on. The London scene is a massive music community, a lot of people work together so can you join yours or even create one of your own?
Live - get out and play. A bit tough at the moment obviously, but racking up hours playing gigs and events really completes you as an artist. Its the best way to get better. Play live, try stuff, make mistakes, work with others, perform covers, entertain. Theres also a great opportunity to support those people in your community by opening up for them. Maybe find some similar artists who are further along the journey that you are and ask to open up for them. Dont ask dont get and generally a few people organising the events are easily contactable, you just need to do some research, who the artists managers is, promoter, PR etc. You'll find a way.
Anyway, that will get you going and good luck with it all! C

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