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Time (Official Audio) by Brandon Child

Benjamin Groff

Hey Brandon - thanks for the submission.  Overall i thought this was on the good side.  I have a suggestion for you worth checking out - which could be an epiphany of the day.  But first - just wanted to mention - really lovely guitar solo!  But that goes on to what I was going to mention - which is a super amazing songwriting "trick" is to add a "2nd melody" to your actual vocal/lyric that you sing.  In other words - instead of having vocal melody + chords - you can have "vocal melody" + "2nd melody."  This is essentially keeping your chords and instead replacing them with a great bass line, guitar riff, arpeggios etc that follows those chords - and then mute the chords.  There's more on this here:  For me it's what makes songs "light up" in any genre in any decade and might be worth exploring.  

Listened twice to the song.  Definitely in the good category...I would say I enjoyed the guitar playing the most (being a fellow guitar player).  

Hope it's helpful.


Alan Cross

Very nice stuff. Tough to place genre-wise, but that's okay given that genres are so blurred these days. The only thing that stands out is how the vocal was recorded--not the performance but how the vocal itself was processed. I'm not entirely sure what I'd change, but another producer might be able to give you some advice on that. 

Same thing with the overall mix. It's good, but when I turned this up loud, I THINK I could hear different ways of blending the tracks together. Then again, I'm not a producer.

This is something that should be directed (at least at first) at public, radio, community radio, and anyone who would be receptive to Jeff Buckley/Elliott Smith-style material. You should also work your social networks really hard on this in order to turn any early fans into evangelists. 

I'll give this a boost with my social networks. Hopefully this will get you some extra attention. Good luck!

Brandon Linds submitted media.

SOS by Brandon Child

Eric Hillebrecht

Hi Brandon.

Thanks for sending.

First off. Love the art work. Just great.

The track has a definite vibe. The things i like:

The song is there and i really like your vocal performance. I think it fits the vibe of the song and has a unique quality in the performance. I am a big fan of singers that bring a unique tone or phrasing to the performance. Not everyone is destined for American Idol and what i often look for is a convincing style and delivery unique to the artist and i think you have done that here.

I really like the groove. This definitely gets my head bobbing and that is always a good sign in my opinion.

What i think could use some work:

While i see you worked with a producer I did want to comment.

I think the production could be tightened up especially in the drums. I may be wrong, but i am guessing these are programmed and they kind of have that feel. I think they are a little washy in terms of where they sit in the mix and could have more punch (especially in the kick). Programming / mixing drums can be tricky and i often recommend starting with a good level on the kick, then getting the drums and bass to sit great together before bringing the other elements in. Start from the bones and work out from there. I'd also be light if you are using any quantizing as it can make things feel a bit too mechanical. I'm not hear to give a mix tutorial as every song has different parameters, but just how this catches my ear personally.

I think the track kind of starts abruptly. Again may be a creative decision, but it sort of feels like the "needle" was dropped on the record in the middle of the song. Developing an intro etc or something to draw the listener in i find to be important in the overall arrangement.

Lastly, production cleanup. Be sure prior to printing your final mix go through each track and check for pops, clips, bad edits etc. I hear at 2:22 a sort of edit crossfade that feels unnatural and takes me out of the listening experience a bit. Not as abrupt, but i also hear an element drop out on the final fade (think it is the organ sustain). These are sort of the boring part of music and not as exciting as writing recording , but very important none the less to pay attention to as they can detract from the music and the goal is always to immerse the listener.

Overall, my notes are rather extensive, but i do dig the track and wanted to give you my candid thoughts as that is what this medium is for and if i didn't i think it defeats the purpose of our exchange.

Keep on keepin on... I think you are onto it and i hope my feedback is helpful with this or future productions.

In terms of promoting it is a little bit of the wild west out their for music with so much music now being created and distributed. You may have already utilized this channel, but i have had a lot of success with my projects using Submithub. Lots of rejection to be had, but also a lot of keen ears who can and will put your music into playlists that can get you some streams and exposure and sometimes a lot depending on the playlist. I also thin your art work has a strength and if you have the time / resources building out a video with such artwork could be another tool in your belt to garner attention. With some much competition for eyes and ears sometimes the conjunction of music with video plays an even greater role in terms of effectively reaching an audience.



Benjamin Groff

Hey Brandon thanks for the submission.  Off the top - I can say really nice guitar playing (from one guitar player to another).  However, I would say that overall the more blues / rock genre is one, while I super appreciate, is just one I jump into a lot.  My experience too - is it's been particularly tricky to get support in these genres (including rock) as so much of the early looks / blog support / YouTube channels are more electronic, indie pop, chill driven.  I think the first think you should do is really take a day or two and research the online curators, channels, UGC playlists and the like that are supporting your music. Everyone is essentially available on line - so it's then reaching out to them respectfully and sharing some music and see if they'll support?  If you make a YouTube video - I always think the best bang for your buck can be a great YouTube video with some YouTube ad spend.  Also, I'm assuming you're using SubmitHub - that's a great place to get some early blog activity.  Hope that's helpful!  

Alan Cross

Nice work. No notes from me on songwriting, performance, or production. Here are some things to think about when it comes to promotion.

1. You'll need a YouTube video, even if it's just a lyric one. The reality is that if you don't exist on YouTube, you don't exist.

2. A social media strategy is a MUST. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even TikTok will be vital to your success.  Once fans discover you, they're want to know more. Give them more. Answer every comment that comes in. And see if you can find someone to turn a 30-second clip of the song into a TikTok video. The goal is to generate organic word of mouth. If people believe the song is great, they will share it.

3. When the song is ready for release, don't ignore public, community, and campus radio. That can be a good ay to get started.

Good luck!

Brandon Linds submitted media.

Balaclava by Brandon Child

Alan Cross

Nicely done. Good songwriting and performance. I do think, though, that a different producer might change up the mix somewhat and--well, I'm not sure what. I just get the feeling that the arrangement could be filled out a little differently to give that lead guitar more background support. Something slightly muscular? I'd have to experiment in the studio.

But that's okay. The more you get out and play (when that happens again), I have a feeling that you'll find ways of modifying and evolving things.

Remember that you'll need a social media strategy to follow up on any interest you get. Turn those early curious fans into evangelists for what you do.

And the thing to do now seems to be to release music on a consistent basis. A new song a month is what fans are looking for. Keep them hooked and engaged.

Good luck!

Benjamin Groff

Hey Brandon - nice song here....and well represented with the production, vocals etc. For me, it just misses what I'm looking for - super solid though.  I have one comment though that - especially with any "rock" based or "guitar" based music - regardless if it's indie, rock, blues etc - it's so critical to have the "riff" or the "2nd Melody."  This actually goes for all genres.  That might be something to look at to potentially elevate this song and / or look at your other songs or future songs and make sure you have them in your songs / productions (if you agree).  There's more on that in a pretty long blog post I wrote which you can check out here.  Nice guitar work too on those leads.  Also, since you were looking also for help in promoting your music - I have some ideas - but best value i could give you is to share this. I have a 185 page book on music marketing and how to promote your music in 2020 and beyond - as an added bonus - feel free to pick that up here for free if you like!  Nice work but just wasn't quite on the nose for me.  

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