Simon Burgess

Simon Burgess

Simon Burgess

I started making music at the age of 13 and currently front the Best of British Suicide. The BOBS are mixture of progressive grunge, rock, and post punk, as delivered by crass English eccentrics - no riff too big, no target too small. 

Sometimes compared to Manic Street Preachers, the Cardiacs, Nirvana and The Fall, the band - consisting of myself (guitar/vox), Louis Lanfear (drums) and Tom Kips Golden (bass) – have to travel anywhere from 80 to 200 miles just to be in the same room as one another (we are nominally based in Brighton, UK). 

Our debut EP came in early 2013, but mental health struggles put the band on hold for several years. Spending 2019 exhuming and completing a half-finished debut-album brought us back from the abyss, and we are excited to now be moving towards the release of "Brasslands". 

The moment there’s a gig circuit again, the BOBS will be hitting it with a vengeance, in our own 5.5 ton BOBSMOBILE.

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John Masters

Cool sounds here, reminds me of Modest Mouse and then goes into a more goofy They Might Be Giants sort of vibe. I think it could do well with fans of quirkier indie rock. 

Sean Tizzard

Thanks for sending this across. I like it. Definitely getting The Cardiacs vibe. 

Watch out for a blogpost about this coming from Sonic Breakfast soon. Could you tell me more about the Clutterclan collective? 


Ola Bogg

Cool, fun great video! To be honest the music´s not really what I normally listens to, so I might not give fair judgement. I think though that this could be a party hit, but the song suffers from it´s many changes in tempo. Like do you want to talk or do you want to rock, if you see what I mean. Keep up the good work!