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Got You Running by Michael Hyland

Jacob Nathan

Really big and bright with the opening, I like that. At around the 00:50 mark I was hoping for a good ol' fashioned Brit Pop build and I think that maybe didn't hit quite hard enough for that. Into the second verse, you're still sort of keeping things at the same level. 

You're painting a really lovely picture here - there's great imagery and there's a lot of depth to the production. I found myself, on a few listens, really enjoying the tone created - but also - waiting for something to pop. Vocally, I find the bridge to be the most interesting part of the track. I like you up in that register. 

Really can't speak highly enough of the production overall - I think that you know what you want to do on that front and are indeed executing. When the harmonies come in, that's another really pretty part - and at the 4min mark, we do sort of get a swell & a build - but I do believe that you might want to consider moving that forward. 

This is the type of song that I'm 100% comfortable saying that I like, and is good, and stands on its own merits if you are happy with it. That being said, I just think there needs to be an explosion in here. There are hints of that towards the end, and there are great parts throughout. It's a strong piece of work and there's a lot of warmth throughout.

I suppose an elegant solution to this would be to perhaps reach out to people you know and see if anyone would be interested in trying their hand at a remix of the song. I'm not talking Deep House, just more of an upbeat pop/rock/electro spin on this. You have wonderful components to share - I think that some manipulation and maybe some fresh ears on what you have here could really make this pop. It would also allow this song to exist here, as it stands, which again, I do quite enjoy.

You have something here, for sure, but I don't know if you're quite over the finish line in terms of positioning it commercially. Thank you for sharing!

Michael Hyland submitted media.

No One Left To Know by Michael Hyland

Eric Hillebrecht

Hi Michael

Thanks for sending. My feedback is a bit a positive, a bit constructive. Feel like being candid is always best.

So, i really like the song. It has an ELO or Moody Blues vibe which i love. I think there are some interesting elements and cool vocal ideas. Overall, the song is very unique and original which can sometimes be the hardest part so nice work there.

My constructive feedback would be related to the production and arrangement of the track.

I think at times there is a lot going on and you might be better served to pick and choose what element should take center stage. For instance the piano is pretty busy through out and tends to draw attention away from other elements. When i produce a track i typically decide which element is the star and which is the anchor and make everything else support those "main" elements. Just something to think about in terms of production choices and space within a track.

The other thing i would comment on is the mix / production. I think some of the elements / sounds chosen sound a little underwhelming. I know with Midi and such we have almost endless choices, but for me the piano sounds a little off in terms of vibe with the track. It is partly cause of the sound of the patch, but that it is drawing a lot of attention to itself in the mix by how busy it is. 

Not sure if you are working with a producer or are doing it all yourself, but while I think overall, the song is great, i think the track is suffering a bit from a production / mixing aspect that distracts me a bit from immersing myself in the track itself. My advise on future productions would be to focus on less elements and making those elements really sound great and balanced in the mix. Sometimes less is more.

Hope you find this feedback to be helpful and something you can try to integrate into future productions.

Thanks for sending


Andrea Young

The energy of the rhythm of this track kept me listening.  Its got a truly unique musical signature which might make it a challenge to play to a specific community of listeners like indie pop or indie rock.  Slight hiccup in the vocals/music around 2:38 which you might want to address before releasing.  Tried to find you on Spotify and didn't come up with an Artist Profile, so you've got some work ahead of you as you release these tracks under your new Artist Profile name! You might begin with the 37 followers of Manistone on Spot, the 101 on IG, the 159 on FB and hopefully something of a local following?  Would let all of them know of the change and that you've got new tunes on the way to help get things started.  Love the lyrical feel of this track.  Thanks for the opportunity to give some feedback, good luck with your music!

Benjamin Groff

Hi Michael - thanks for the submission.  I think this is a good track ... for me, it's not quite the genre / lane i work in....but all the things you're looking to do and accomplish in your note is a worthy endeavor - and yah, pretty much what everyone wants.  I have some thoughts - and then a ton of thoughts for you.  First for synch placements - you might want to look into micro synch agencies.  Some of those people are Music Bed, Marmoset Music.  If you control both sides (master and publishing) this could be a good fit.  Also - more than I can write here - but as a bonus with this review - if you want to pop over to this link: https://www.benjamingroff.com/get-the-book I'm about to release a 200 page book all on the things you're looking for and how to DIY release your music and get traction ... you can get it for free there at that link digitally - and it's called "How do I get a Record Deal? Sign Yourself" - there's a bunch of resources there for you that i think you'll find valuable.  Hope it's helpful!  

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