Rob Frank

Rob Frank

Rob Frank

Rob is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, and producer. He is an established composer spanning a variety of bands, and solo projects. “Rob displays a bold and raw honesty with lyrics that showcase an emotional intelligence set to energetic, guitar and drum driven music.” While Rob’s songs are rooted in rock, his approach to song writing often incorporates other styles that create something both unique and authentic.
Ottawa Ontario Canada

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Alan Cross

Good stuff. Production is good, too. The sound is reminiscent of some of what was big with the alt-rock crowd around 1995, an approach that seems to be making a comeback. My only concern is the ending. It would sound a little awkward for radio, so an edit might be in order.

Now what? What are your plans going forward? Touring? Recording? Radio airplay? Let's take those one at a time.

1. Touring: Not much is happening now, obviously, but if you think you have a fanbase that would login to a live stream, I'd recommend looking up at company called Side Door Access to see if they can help set something up.

2. Recording: It's something you'll have to do, although it won't be your main source of income. Make sure that all your stuff is on all the streaming music services including YouTube. Even a lyric video will do.

3. Radio airplay: The best you can hope for at this point is some feature play on certain types of radio stations. Hopefully, there are still a bunch that has indie shows that showcase new and upcoming music. College radio should be targeted too. 

Time to start building a fanbase through constant and relentless social media engagement. Instagram and Facebook are your best bets, although you might be able to convince someone to do something with TikTok.  This means answering every message on every platform. Turn those curious people into evangelical fans.

Meanwhile, make as many friends with bloggers and writers as you can. They can help amplify what you do.

Tell you what: send a high-quality MP3 to and I'll see what I can do with it. No promises, but just in case, you know?