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Honeymoon (pre-master) by Gal Musette

Roy Freeman submitted media.

Mix1.oliver by Gal Musette

Roy Freeman submitted media.

Summertime by Gal Musette

Chris Heintz

First and foremost thank you for reaching out and submitting Gal. Starting out the mix on the record sounds like it could definitely use a bit of work. I'd like to hear a cleaner/clearer-less muddy mix and more dynamics within the backing music as well as the vocals themselves. Right now even though the adlibs and BGV's have some panning the lead could be a bit brighter and shine through more. I do like the backing music though. There is some solid musicianship here. Performance-wise I enjoyed the vocal a lot. There is a very nice presence artistically and the vocal sounds organic and wholesome. I also enjoyed the story told within the lyrics. Outside of the mix I really enjoyed the record. If I could make a suggestion, add the lyrics into the submission moving forward. Thank you again!. 

Scott Cohen

Listening to this track on a frigid snowy morning in London.  And it is perfect.  Beautiful.

Roy Freeman submitted media.

Aurora Berill

The first notes setup a melancholic atmosphere which is further reinforced by the delicate vocals. A subdued piano mixes in more nuance, transforming the whole into a warm and nostalgic feeling indie-folk ballad.

“Lucid” is a preview of Gal Musette's upcoming album. Vocally rich, the mix of changing rhythms and interesting melodies convey a certain sophistication which is a pleasure to listen to. A warm and mellow sound connects it all together, providing a stage to show off the talent and versatility of the performers.

This blending, soulful indie-folk ballad enriched by talented vocal expression is something you don't run into much anymore, making the song shine even more. I would like to hear more from this artist in the future!

Thanks for sharing!

Andrea Young

Such an intriguing visual and vocal style, I was hooked by the art and hoping the track matched it, and was not disappointed.  This particular track rambles a bit for my personal taste -- took 2 listens to really get on board with it -- and the old timey piano sound distracts me a bit.  I love 'Plateau', will add it to playlists and shows as soon as it is available. These tracks should do well with the bedroom pop/lofi/chill considerable community on the streaming platforms, let me know if you all might want to consider independent playlist pitching (part of my day job as founder at which is a label services company).  Would suggest adding lyrics and social and streaming links to the youtube videos once you make them public.  I'm a fan!  Thanks for submitting and happy to further support as Gal develops her career and art--Andrea

Benjamin Groff

Hey Roy - thanks for the submission.  I liked the sophisticated chord progressions and some of the theatrical nature of the song (at least to me).  Nice vocals here as well.  For me though - I'm not sure if I could really lock in on a chorus or could sing the song back - would be my only real key comment here.  That's great you're working with John Brien - he's one of the best.  Overall - I do really like it but I think why I like it is it's a little esoteric and super smart but also for me I'm looking to sign things that are just a little bit more straightforward.   Feel like you'd get some good pick up on the more indie and singer/songwriter playlists.  I would check and see what UGC playlists are supporting the likes of Tori Amos, Fiona Apple, Joanna Newsom, etc. and reach out to them.  Hope it's helpful!

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