Jeffery Chu

Jeffery Chu

Jeffery Chu

Taiwanese DJ A8A makes powerful and dynamic big room house music with undeniably catchy melodies. Born WeiChieh Chu, he was a classically-trained pianist in music school, who decided to jump into electronic dance music after his first Arcadia Spectacular festival. He was ultimately inspired while Showtek was performing, and is now prepared to share this passion for driving people wild on the dancefloor himself and bringing fun and energetic music to the masses.
Los Angeles

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Fanatic by A8A

Andrea Young

Well done 8 bit track.  This is a bit of a rock opera with all of its' themes and soundscapes and tempo changes.  I'm not a huge listener of 8 bit based songs, but I appreciate how you put this all together!  I took a look for an artist profile for you on Spotify and didn't find one.  Next step might be to start to work to get further exposure for your music on the online platforms like Spotify, Amazon and all.  I'd suggest finding the community of 8 bit musicians and joining them wherever they are on social and streaming platforms.  Thanks so much for the opportunity to hear your creativity in this realm, good luck with your music!

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