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STAGS (Music Video) by Donny Ross

John Daly

STAGS by Donny Ross has a cool alt-throwback vibe, makes me want to listen beyond the end of the track. The video reflects the sound of the music and takes us on a modern new wave sonic journey. 

Benjamin Groff

Hey Donny - really nice vibe here on the indie side and well done video.  I had one thought on the video.  You have a really good video - but have you thought about transforming this into a lyric video.  I would say the video is really good...but on the other hand you could have an amazing lyric video with this as the background - maybe an idea.  Musically - this might just be a little more on the more "indie" side for me for what I'm generally working on.  But as far as promoting this ... I would definitely look into Submit Hub - who are doing more with playlisting in Spotify and also do some research on UGC playlisting and seeing if you can get some traction there.   In the meantime - as a bonus for free - if you want to stop by my website to this link - i'm just about to release a 250 page book on music marketing etc and there might be some helpful answers there.  Enjoy!

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