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Nothing's More Lonely (Official Music Video) by Julia Gartha & Ariza

Benjamin Groff

Hey Julia & Ariza - wow this is really really good.  First the video just is really beautifully shot and makes me can't wait for fall to come back around.  I think your voice is really great as well and the lyrics are really emotive. I'm not sure if it's quite right for what I'm doing at We Are: The Guard or my publishing company - as we're less singer / songwriter driven but you've definitely intrigued me enough to check out any other songs you have out.  

As far as other ideas for promotion - you might want to check out some micro synch agencies like Music Bed or Marmoset music - esp if you own the master and can quote on publishing - you might get some synch action organically over there.  There's a lot more ideas on promotion - as a bonus if you want to - feel free to drop by my website and pick up a free download of my 227 page book before it goes live on Amazon.  There's some cool insights on helping promote your music, etc. https://www.benjamingroff.com/get-the-book 

Hope it's helpful!


Andrea Young

This is so engaging on so many levels!  You should not have any doubts about your talent or your ability to get your music heard.  I agree with you, its just a matter of getting it out there ‘to the right people’ who will get it to as many people as possible.  Paraphrasing that old adage – if you want to ‘sell’ 500,000 records, you need to meet 500,000 people (Taylor Swift’s manager early in her career).

I imagined it would fit into acoustic, chill pop circles when I first began to listen, but it then evolved directly into a country sound.  Your vocals are charming, and the video engages me as well as the track (not often the case).   I don’t have this type of heartbreak in my life right now, but I still fully resonate with it and want to sing along – that’s what I am always looking for as a curator, no matter the genre or soundstyle.  

My only issue is that it ends abruptly for me, both when viewing the video, and when listening audio only.  I would suggest a further chorus or extended ending somehow.

Would love to continue a conversation with you on helping to expand your reach and exposure (my day job), will send an email shortly here on more about the business of getting your music heard.
So well done!  You and your team have done your homework and done it well to position your music for further attention.  Thanks so much for sending and good luck with it!

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